Fire Stick Hack For Free Movies and Live TV ( Amazon Fire TV Stick)

Amazon Fire Stick Hack is the best and excellent way to convert your Old TV to a smart TV. You can stream tons of things on your Smart TV directly. Amazon Firestick provides almost all the feature of a modern smart TV, and it costs 35$. It is easy to setup just you need a TV with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port, and you can rock. In this Fire Stick article, we have presented the complete details regarding the Amazon Fire Stick Hack. We are advising you to use this Fire Stick hack and enhance your Firestick experience.

Amazon Fire Stick Hack

You can stream Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and other channels on your TV easily with the Amazon Fire Stick. You can also stream content from Amazon Video library and other 25K Television episodes for free. The best part of Amazon Firestick is the portability. You can plug Firestick in almost any television, and you are able to watch things which you like.

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Amazon Fire TV vs Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon sells Fire TV in 2 different versions. They both have very different hardware and targeted towards different people. If you have not bought Amazon Fire TV, then your first Amazon Fire Stick hack will choose the perfect device for you.

If you want Fire TV, then you can get better hardware and Fire TV can output in 4K. So, If you want a 4K TV, then Amazon Fire TV is best for you. The Amazon Fire TV has a Mediatek processor which is powered by two Cortex A53 and two Cortex A72 cores that gives a good performance. So, you can play games on this easily. Games like Asphalt 8 are works perfectly on Fire TV other than that you get a USB port, Ethernet port and optical audio output.

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The Amazon Firestick is smaller, portable and cheaper. You can play only limited number of games on it, and it can not output 4K. In this Amazon Firestick, no connectivity port is available. It is good for people who want to stream content directly from Hulu, YouTube and Netflix on their TV without spending much time.

Hidden Features of Awesome Amazon Fire Stick Hack

The Amazon Firestick Features are listed here. Take a look at it and Learn how to hack Amazon Fire Stick.

1. Install Kodi On Fire TV Device

People who are looking for Amazon Fire Stick Hack just install Kodi on their devices. Kodi is one of the best multimedia center software. It is an open source project so, large number of developers are working to make Kodi better. This Kodi Software supports various Add-ons which allows you to watch Free Live TV and Moveis. XBMC Addons like Exodus are best when it comes to watching free TV Series and movies. You can also stream content from torrents directly on your TV using Kodi.

There are number of ways to install kodi on Fire TV. We have provided the detailed guide on how to install it.

Note: Many Kodi Addons are made by third party developers. Kodi is not responsible for those Add-ons. If you are using such XBMC Add-ons, then you have to use a Good VPN for safety. Most contents on these Kodi add-ons are pirated. If you have a Smart TV, then you can install Kodi on Smart TV. Sadly, Kodi is can’t be installed on Roku. If you have a Roku then you are unable to install Kodi on Roku.

2. Use Fire TV GamePad as Remote with Mic.

If you bought the Amazon Fire TV without Mic remote, then finding movies with a long name will make you frustrate. The Fire TV GamePad is similar to GamePads with PS4 or XBox, but it has a unique feature for Amazon Fire TV. The gamepad comes with a Mic which is installed in it. This gamepad allows you to talk to the Amazon Fire TV Box directly. If you have purchased a Fire Stick and you want a voice control then you can buy a Voice remote separately. Actually, voice remote is better and it made by a quality plastic. So, it is a good deal to upgrade. The Amazon Fire Stick Hack is best for playing games.

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3. Buy Fire Game Controller

Fire Game Controller of Amazon works with all generations of Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV. But, We recommend you to buy this Game Controller only Fire TV users. Fire Stick has basic game support, and this Amazon GamePad is not useful for it. Many games like GTA: San Andreas, Asphalt 8 does not properly work with Fire TV remote. Amazon Fire TV GamePad enhance your experience of gaming on Fire TV device, and it highly recommends you to play games on your Amazon Fire TV. The Amazon Fire Stick hack is useful for Gamers.

List of Games from Amazon Gamepad.
  • Asphalt 8.
  • GTA: San Andreas.
  • RipTide GP2.
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition.
  • The Bard’s Tale.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

4. Use Phone As FireTV Remote

The Fire TV is one of the best and great Amazon Fire Stick hack and you can use an Android or iPhone to control Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick. Amazon made an official app to control Fire TV. It is best when you lose your Amazon Fire TV remote and you don’t want to buy a new one. The Amazon app also allows you to talk to your Fire TV using the Mic of a smartphone.

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We hope this article helped you on Amazon Fire Stick Hack. You can also check how to install Kodi on Google Chromecast from here. If you got any issue with hack amazon fire stick TV just comment us. We give our support to you with No jailbreak. You can also install PlayOn Addon on Kodi to watch HD Videos.

Updated: March 30, 2017 — 7:32 am

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