Top 14 Latest Kodi Addons for Movies, Sports and TV Shows

Kodi is one of the most popular and best Home Theatre software. It will work on all the leading operating systems like Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. You can install Kodi Software on various devices like Amazon Firestick and Smart TV, but sadly it is impossible to install kodi on Roku. Kodi is an open source media center, and it allows users to add more features to it using Addons. There are many XBMC Addons are available for Movies, Sports, and TV Shows. In this article, we have listed the Best Kodi Addons for you. Take a look at it to get more enjoyment from your Kodi.

Latest and Best Kodi Addons

Kodi is an Open Source Media Center anyone can make Kodi Addons. These Addons makes the Kodi as a Flexible Media Center Solution. The support of XBMC Addons allows you to stream content from many Countries. If you are one of the Kodi users and want to use Good plugins, then check the given List of best kodi addons 2017. You can also Learn Amazon Fire Stick Hack from here.

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Exodus the Best Addons for Kodi

Exodus is the best and popular Kodi Addon. With this Kodi addon, you can stream content from various countries. The creator of this Exodus XBMC Addon is Lambda. Lambda also developed Genesis addon which is one of the best Kodi Addons. Exodus comes with excellent and best sources, and the design of this Kodi addon is simple Like Netflix. It is the best for movies that you can find. The Search Feature of Exodus Kodi is good, and it gives accurate results. if you have a Smart TV, then you can Install Kodi Smart TV and enjoy it.

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Kodi Addon Installer

Addon Installer is an App Store of XBMC. The process of Installation of any Kodi addon is Long and challenging. You have to add the repository to install Kodi addon. This Addon Installer will save your Lots of valuable time. It will update your Addons automatically. If you are new to kodi, then we will highly recommend you to install this addon Installer. After installing this Addon Installer, you don’t need to install other XBMC Addons manually. This Kodi addon is the Top most and best because it will save your valuable time while Testing multiple different Kodi addons.

UK Turks Playlists for Kodi

The UK Turks Playlists is one of the Top5 Kodi Addons which contains live TV, cartoons, movies, TV shows, documentaries, radio, Turkish TV and Movies, CCTV, fitness, and more. With this UK Turks Playlists, you can stream content with one click. It improves security and offers multi-link channels. The UK Turks Playlists provides Global search for the whole add-on. It has the ability to add TV shows to your library. UK Turks Playlists works endlessly and provides sports channels up to date. It always supports their users.

Get Guidance on Genesis Kodi Addon

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SALTS (Stream All The Sources) Kodi

Salts Plugin is one of the Best Kodi Addons which streams content from all the sources. It is a Good replacement of Genesis Addon. SALTS XBMC Addon scraps Links from various sources to provide content. It supports Real-Debrid that helps a lot in High-Quality Streaming. With this Salts, you can stream content in High, Full HD, and Low resolution. If you have a fast Internet connection, then you can stream Full HD content. Stream All The Sources Kodi Addon supports Library integration with Trakt support.

1Channel Addon

1Channel XBMC Addon is an old but most useful addon for Kodi. It has a simple user interface. The 1Channel Addon gives tough competition to Exodus Kodi Addon. You can easily stream Videos, Movies and other things from 1Channel Kodi. The Only problem with this Xbox Media Center Plugin is the information of Videos and Moveis.

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SportsDevil XBMC Addon

SportsDevil Plugin is one of the Best Kodi Addons for Sports which streams different sports events content. It scrapes the content from various Sports streaming websites. If you love sports, then you have to try this Kodi add-on. You can stream almost all live sports event as well as UFC. You can also stream NFL (National Football League) games. The range of content quality is from 480p to 720p.

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The YouTube Addon

The installation of YouTube addon on Kodi is very easy. It makes easy to access YouTube on your TV. The YouTube Kodi interface is great and you can navigate through videos easily. You can Login to multiple YouTube accounts to personalize content according to your choice. The best use of YouTube Kodi is to play Songs on your Home Theater PC. All the songs are in HD and accessible easily.

Youtube Kodi Addons

Yahoo! Weather (Best Kodi Addons For Weather)

Yahoo! Weather is the Best Weather Plugin which shows Yahoo Weather data on your TV directly. This thing makes your Kodi Apple TV more useful and necessary. We highly recommend you to use this Yahoo! Weather Kodi addon.

Specto Fork (For Genesis Replacement)

Specto Fork is the best Genesis Replacement Plugin which has the code of Genesis. The original owner of Genesis has abandoned this Specto Fork project. The user interface of Kodi Specto Fork is similar to Genesis, and it also offers the favorites folder.

WWE on Demand Kodi Addon (For All The Wrestling Fans)

WWE on Demand is specially made for all the wrestling fans. You can stream content related to WWE and other wrestling related sports. It is made and managed by Michael. You can request from Twitter for news related to updates. Click here to Stream Kodi Chromecast.

Velocity Top Kodi Addon

Velocity is a new Kodi add-on from BlazeTamer. It allows you to watch Many Movies and TV shows from various sources. This Velocity includes popular sources like VIDEO that brings 1080p movies at great streaming speeds. It comes with Trakt integration and Real-Debrid support. So, you can manage your Trakt collection and watch list with ease. You can download Velocity Kids that brings children-friendly content. The problem with kodi addons is stability. Kodi addons are not stable, but Velocity XBMC Plugin is a stable addon.

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PlayOn Best Addon for Paid Channels

If you want to integrate Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Instant videos then Kodi PlayOn is the best choice for you. It can record all the videos in HD and MP4 format. You can stream the recorded content on other devices in your home. PlayOn offers the features to transfer the recorded content to other devices. While traveling also you can watch the streamed content.

Setting up PlayOn Kodi Addon is a little bit different because it works only on Windows PC. It is a Windows software, you cannot install it on Kodi directly. We can install it on Windows then we can use UnPn protocol to stream content of play to XBMC device. You need to install PlayOn Browser on XBMC Addon, and then you can browse quickly. Check HTPC setup to use an Old Android as HTPC.

Google Play Music Best XBMC Addon

If you want to use Google Play Music to listen to music on Mobile device, then this Google Play Music addon is the best option for you. It imports your Library from the Cloud, and you are able to play all the songs wirelessly. If you are one of the Google Play Music user then we highly recommend you to use this addon. After installing Google Play Music Plugin, It asks your Google account details. Just Login to your Google account. It will display Importing Library Message. After importing completed, you can enjoy this Google Play Music addon.

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ZemTV Addon for Kodi

ZemTV is one of the great and best kodi addons for Pakistani Users. If you are from India, then it is more useful for you otherwise it will not useful for you. But ZemTV is a Great addon which has tons of High-quality content. The author of ZemTV is updating the Code of this addon, so you cannot get any issues or broken stream in this ZemTV addon. It comes with a great sports section, so you can stream sports event in Full HD.

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We are testing more Kodi add-ons and we will update this list of Best Kodi Addons 2017 as soon as possible. You can also check best Live TV Addons for Kodi from here.

Updated: March 13, 2017 — 11:30 am

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