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Kodi formerly XBMC is the best open source Media Player that let us stream media from various sources. For streaming videos, Kodi users must download few Kodi Addons. Some XBMC Addons require payment to stream from subscription services while other are free and stream movies from torrents. Whatever the Addon you choose, we recommend you to use reputable VPN for privacy. For different categories like sports, TV shows, movies, music, different add-ons are present. Here, we update the latest Kodi Movie Addons 2017 watching full HD movies. So, look through the complete article and choose any one of the below Top 10 Kodi Movie Streaming Channels.

Latest Kodi Movie Addons 2017

Recently, many Good Movie Apps for Kodi are available which provide all the latest movies. Since numerous Movie Addons exist, choosing the best Movie Addon is little confusing. Hence, we list out the Top 10 Kodi Movie Addons which have high quality and unique features. Also, these best HD movie addons for Kodi contains a huge list of both new movies and old movies.

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Exodus The Best Kodi Movie App

The Exodus Movie App deserves the first place among Best Kodi Movie Addons. This movie streaming addon introduced by Lamda to replace the Genesis Addon. It is a simple and straightforward addon which is similar to Netflix. Also, it allows us to watch movies by searching the names of actor and actress. The quality of this Kodi Movie Streaming Addon is good and let us download movie also for offline viewing. It doesn/t support library integration. Hence, you can scrape Movie info from IMBD and then filter listings as per that info. Besides, this Kodi Movie Add-on supports Subtitles. You will find the Exodus Kodi Addon in the Fusion Repository.

Phoenix Movie Addon for Kodi

Phoenix Addon is also one among the best movie Addons for Kodi. With this addon, you can stream movies and TV Shows from various channels. Also, Phoenix Kodi Addon connects several different domains. So, you can stream the content as per your need by using its search feature. Recently this Kodi addon updated with various playlists and sources. So, you can choose any one of the sources in Phoenix Addon. The best one among that, MorePower which adds 3D and HD movies. Therefore, install Phoenix App on your Media Player.

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Best Kodi Popcorn Time Movie Addon

The famous Kodi Movie Streaming Addon which offers high-quality movies from torrents is Popcorn Time Movie Addon. It let us watch movies with a backend based torrent streaming. This movie addon Kodi removes the scrapers and resolvers need. This app also contains a good selection of anime. So, if you want to install Kodi Popcorn Time Plugin, make sure the connection is private and secure with the help of a VPN.

123 Movies – Best Movie Addons for Kodi

Another one in the list of Top 10 Kodi Movie Addons is 123 Movies Addon. It maintains a large database of movies to enjoy. This 123 films Kodi comes from repo of Mucky Duck. Also, it contains a big collection of both new and old movies. You have no need to click on various links to watch movies. Besides, you can obtain movies in just one click on the link. So, install 123Movies Kodi Add-on on your Media Center Player.

Real Debrid Movie App on Kodi

Real Debrid is the best complement for other Kodi Movie Addons. It helps to enhance the streaming experience when using other Kodi Addons like Exodus Addon, SALTS Kodi addon, etc. This Kodi Movie Channels Addon allows us to find more sources for Movie Addons on Kodi. Also, it enables us to use more percentage of the available bandwidth for improving the movie streaming. Real Debrid Premium Account is necessary to watch movies. The cost of Real Debrid Kodi Movie Addon is less in comparison with other Kodi Movie Streaming Services.

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Zen Addon – Best Movie Site on Kodi

The Top Movie Addons for Kodi 2017 includes Zen Addon also. You can watch a wide range of movies with Zen Kodi Movie Addon. Its interface is similar to Kodi Specto Plugin and Exodus Addon. Mainly this addon focuses on the movies and uses Real Debrid to work at its total potential. Like many of the Kodi TV Movie Addons, Zen uses the Exodus or Genesis Source code and improves in its own way. With this Kodi Movie Stream Addon, you will get HD content. You can get this Kodi Movie addon from the Kodi Addon Repository.

Specto Movie Plugin for Kodi

Specto is the famous Exodus fork that comes from Genesis XBMC Addon. It supports video downloading, library integration, automatic subtitles. Specto Addon is one of the latest Movie Addons for Kodi 2017 that you can install in the Kodi Media Player. This recently updated addon keeps a large library of Kodi Movie Sources. It takes some time to install the Specto Movie Plugin but doesn’t worry. Make sure to install the latest movie app, and it will load into the Kodi.

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Latest Velocity Kodi Movie Source – Best Kodi Movie Addon

Velocity Kodi addon is also introduced by the same developer of Phoenix. It is one of the Best Kodi Movie Addons. It allows for scraping links from different XBMC movie streaming sources. The speed of the search process is very high and find an excellent movie streaming. You can easily navigate because the categorization is clear. Each movie maintains a long list of sources to stream whether they are in low, medium, high quality. The benefit of this Velocity Kodi Movie Addon is it provides the view count of streams. Hence, download velocity Kodi Movie Site to watch streaming videos. You can get this movie add-on Kodi in the Fusion repository.

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Kodi XMovies8 Movie Add-on

Xmovies8 is also one in the latest and best Kodi Movie Addons. It brings the streaming media directly from the official website of XMovies8. Also, it provides the all the latest movies that available on the internet. This addon is recently updated with some changes and fixes to offer the finest playback quality videos. Xmovies8 Kodi Movie site contains all the hit movies in HD quality. So, download Xmovies.8 addon in your Kodi Media Player.

HEVC VideoClub

The last but not the least in the Top 10 Kodi Movie Addons is HEVC VideoClub Plugin. HEVC means high efficiency video coding. This Kodi addon allows the large selection of movies in HEVC format. In this format, all the files are compressed which results in smaller file sizes. Also, HEVC VideoClub Movie App is the best option for the Kodi users who have a slow internet connection to watch decent quality videos. So, if you have an HEVC compatible Kodi Player and requires less bandwidth, this Kodi movie stream source is the best option.

These are the Latest Top 10 Movie Addons for Kodi. You can download and install anyone in these Kodi best movie apps. Check Top 15 Best Kodi Addons for Sports, Videos, and Movies.

Updated: March 30, 2017 — 7:07 am

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