Best Music Addons for Kodi – Top Kodi Music Plugins 2017

Kodi is well known for its great video streaming for movies, TV shows, Sports. Apart from that, it offers a huge range of music and podcasts. There are numerous Music Addons on Kodi which provides both old and new songs including all types of a music library. Since we have various Kodi Music Apps, selecting the best one must be little confusing. Hence, we update the Top Music Addons Kodi in the article. So, look through the below Kodi Music Addons and download anyone in the list.

Latest Top 10 Kodi Music Addons 2017

Nowadays, Kodi Video Addons have become popular. Along with those add-ons, there are many Music Addons for Kodi which allows free streaming. Look at the below list of Kodi Music Addons. Scroll down to check out the list of Best Kodi Addons 2017 and how to download music from Kodi.

What is the Best Kodi Addon?

This is the most frequently asked question. Now, we are here to clarify your doubts. We have listed out the Best Kodi Music Addons 2017. So, go through the Top Kodi Addons for Music. Get clarity about the Best Music Addon for Kodi.

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Best Music Addons for Kodi 2017 – Top Kodi Addons

  1. Music Box.
  2. MP3 Streams.
  3. Jango Addon.
  4. Rave Player.
  5. Apple iTunes Podcasts.
  6. Vevo.
  7. OneDrive.
  8. House Mixes.
  9. Spotlight.
  10. Google Play Music Addon.

Kodi Best Music Addon – Music Box Kodi Addon

The first of in the list of Top Kodi Addons for Music 2017 is Music Box. It is the best addon to stream music from Kodi Media Player. It has tons of playlists that play in the background. If these songs for not enough, you can search for other songs also. Its playlist contains popular music, Billboard lists, iTunes top songs sorted by Country. But you have to maintain an account at for Kodi Music Streaming. It doesn’t have any premium and completely free but needs login details. If you don’t want to create an account, you can change the XBMC media source. Thereby all the songs will play back to back. Due to this excellent feature, this Kodi iTunes Music Box gains a place in the Best Music Addons for Kodi.

How to Install Music Box Addon on Kodi

Kodi Music Addons

MP3 Streams – Best Music App for Kodi

Like Music Box, Mp3 Streams is also the best Kodi addon for music videos. It contains lots of music content such as Google Play Music, iTunes, and Spotify. This Audio Addon was brought to you by KINKIN, another addon for XBMC Media Center. Mp3 Streams Kodi Audio Plugin allows you download the content to a device memory. It provides the facility of adding favorite playlists to a folder. Another great feature of this Kodi Music App, you can mix various songs and used for the party. So, this is an excellent Kodi Music Player for listening songs.

kodi music box

Jango Addon for Free Music on Kodi – Best Kodi Addons 2017

Jango Addon is one of the best Music Addons for Kodi. It is the first addon which introduces social media to stations. Even though it is a Free Music Kodi addon, you have to sign up for a free account. From this internet radio streaming website, you can browse the playlists from top 100 to various genres. Besides, you can also search for the particular artist. For the individual song search, you can also play the video for the song. When you register at, all your history and favorite songs will sync with Kodi Jango Add-on. The mobile apps for Jango let you play music from your phones itself. Hence, this is the best Kodi music app for audio lovers.

Rave Player Music Addon for Kodi

Another popular one in the Kodi Music Apps is Rave Player. It contains a large list of playlists divided into sections like oldskool rave tape, podcasts mixtapes, oldskool pirate radio sets. Also, live oldskool radio, jungle and drum n bass, acid house,  hardcore, etc. Besides, this Kodi Music Plugin is loaded with Bangin rave tunes; several DJ sets to provide entertainment for more hours. The Podcast section in this Audio Addon allows you to listen audio along with videos. So, download Rave Player addon for listening free music on Kodi.

Apple iTunes Podcasts Music Addon

Apple iTunes Podcasts is the best Music Box Kodi Addon that provides thousands of free podcasts. You can browse the podcasts list and choose anyone from a pool of podcasts. This Best Kodi Music Addon/ Plugin contains a lot of content from podcasts channels without any requirement of iTunes. You can get both video and audio podcasts each of having 60 genres. Kodi users can also search for the particular podcasts by name. Also, you can manage “My Podcasts” list through the context menu. The Apple iTunes Podcasts Music App is available in the official Kodi repository which can include in Kodi by default.

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Vevo – The Best Kodi Music Player Addon

Among the Top Kodi Music Plugins, Vevo is also one. It is a great app for streaming classical Music Kodi along with videos. It has an excellent feature like other Kodi Music Addons is it allows us to download music videos. But only some countries can use this addon. They are Germany, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, France, Italy, Canada, United States, Brazil, Newzealand. Users can watch music videos, artist videos on VEVO TV. You can avail this Kodi Country Music App from the SuperRepo Repository. You can also check Top 10 Movie Addons for Kodi here.

OneDrive Addon to Stream Music on Kodi

OneDrive Addon is also the top one in Kodi Music Addons. It plays all the media that include Music, Videos, Pictures from the Microsoft OneDrive. You can manage an unlimited number of accounts in OneDrive Music App for Kodi. Also, you can export the videos from this app to the Kodi Music Library. Hence, download this Kodi Music Plugin to hear free music on Kodi.

House Mixes Addon for Kodi – One of Top Kodi Addons

Another one in the list of Top 10 Kodi Music Addons is House Mixes. This great Kodi Music App scrapes the music content from website and provides a huge list of playlists. Hence, you must login into its website to browse your favorite music. Also, it has various links which include trending, latest, popular mixes. So, you can search for your loved DJ music list from the House Mixes Music App on Kodi. You can get this addon from the Metal Kettles repository.

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Spotlight –  XBMC Audio Addon

Like SoundCloud, Spotify is the best Popular Kodi Media Player. After that, Spotlight has become the most excellent Spotify addon for Kodi. It lets you listen to thousands of songs that are available on the Spotify. Also, you can search for the specific song by its name, save them for later. Else, you can create playlists folder in that addon. Kodi users can get this music app from the addon installer. But, spotlight needs a premium Spotify account. So, this is one among the top Kodi addons for music.

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Google Play Music Addon for Kodi

This is one of the best Kodi Music Addons for your XBMC Player. The latest version of Kodi Google Play Music Addon is 1.9.2. But it is a subscription based audio streaming addon. So, you must have Google Music Account. Kodi users who have this account can access around 50K songs in the Google Play Music Addon. You can use a VPN service to protect your privacy while using XBMC Google Music in Kodi Media Center.

So, these are the Top 10 Music Addons for Kodi. You can download anyone in these best Kodi Addons 2017 and enjoy by listening to your favorite Songs.

Updated: July 4, 2017 — 11:07 am

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