How to install Fusion Kodi Installer

Do you want to install Fusion Kodi Installer on your Kodi Device? Here we have provided the guide on how to install Fusion on Kodi Jarvis and how to install Fusion on Kodi Krypton. Take a look at it and install Fusion on Kodi.

How to install Fusion on Kodi

Addons are the basic utility of Kodi system. They are the content providers for your Kodi Media Center system. Program addon is one type of addon that helps in managing the other addons which provides the content. Fusion Kodi is one of the great installer available. This Kodi Fusion Installer helps in managing the addon installation. This makes this Fusion installer as a program addon.

You can install many repositories with the help of fusion. Fusion Kodi will assist in skipping number of installation steps to get a particular addon.

Kodi Fusion Installer Installation Guide

Kodi Krypton is the latest version of XBMC. The installation process for Kodi Jarvis and Kodi Krypton is different. Here we have provided the both methods of installation procedures. If you have not updated your Kodi then check out Guide on How to Update Kodi to get advanced Kodi features.

Install Fusion Kodi Jarvis

  • First, open Kodi Home Screen.
  • Go to System >> File Manager.

kodi file manager image

  • Select Add Source.

kodi file manager add source image

  • Enter in the textbox.
  • Type .fusion on the lower one.
  • Next, confirm them by pressing Ok.

kodi file manager add source fusion image

  • Go back to the Kodi Home Screen.
  • Select System.

kodi system image

  • Next, click on Add-ons.

kodi System addons image

  • Now, click on Install from zip file option.

kodi install from zip

  • Next, click on .fusion.

install from zip fusion Kodi image

  • Select start-here.

kodi fusion start here

  • Click on

Kodi fusion addon zip file image

  • Wait a couple of seconds while the Fusion addon installer is downloaded. When Kodi fusion addon zip file is downloaded, it will show you a notification.

kodi fusion installer notification

  • Go back to the Kodi Home Screen.
  • Select Programs.

kodi programs image

  • Click on the Addon Installer to open Kodi fusion addon installer.

kodi install fusion image

When first time you run the Fusion addon installer, creating database message appears on the screen. Wait a minute to complete. Now, you are ready to choose one from an extensive list of Kodi addons. We strongly recommend you to visit Featured Addons section. It contains the best addons for Kodi XBMC.

How to Add Fusion on Kodi 17 Krypton

  • By Default Kodi 17 Krypton has Unknown Sources disabled. So, first you have to enable Unknown Sources. Next, follow the given step by step process to install Fusion on Kodi Krypton.
  • Open Kodi.
  • Next, select Settings.

Kodi krypton settings

  • Next, Select System Settings.

Kodi krypton System settings

  • Now, select Add-ons.

Kodi krypton Addons image

  • Turn on Unknown sources.

Kodi krypton unknown sources

  • Now, a warning appears with asking if you agree that you are responsible for damage, data loss to the device etc. As you are a conscious user then you are fine. Click Yes.

Kodi krypton warning image

  • Go Kodi Home Screen.
  • Select Settings.

Kodi krypton settings

  • Next, select File Manager.

Kodi Krypton File Manager for Fusion installation

  • Now, select Add source.

Fusion XBMC krypton add source

  • Select None.

Fushion Kodi krypton None image

  • Enter the following given URL and select OK.

Fusion Krypton Kodi image

  • Enter fusion at the Enter a name for this media Source below field.

Fushion Kryton image

  • Click on Ok button.

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The installation of Fusion on Kody 17 Krypton is now completed. If you want to know how to install Kody Krypton fusion then follow the given process.

How to use Fusion – Access to Fusion Kodi Installer

  • Go back to Kodi Home Screen.
  • Select Add-ons.

Fusion krypton Addons image

  • Click on Add-on Browser Icon.

krypton Addon icon image

  • Next, Select Install from zip file.

Krypton install from Zip File image

  • Select fusion.

krypton select fusion

  • Now, select kodi-repos.

krypton fusion Kodi repos image

  • Select english/international/adult based on the type of repo you are looking for.

krypton Kodi Fusion English image

  • Now, you can install repo’s that you wish to install.

Features and Benefits of Kodi Fusion Installer

Now, the Fusion Addon Installer installation process is completed. Let’s discuss the main concept behind the use of fusion installers is remaining. Here we have provided the features of Fusion Kodi Installer. Take a look at it and check the Fusion Addon installer Features.

Main features of Fusion for Kodi Installer

  • This Fusion installer helps the third-party application developers for extending their abilities.
  • You can reduce the size of the Kodi application by using the Fusion Kodi Installer.
  • The Fusion installer provides support if we want to add any new feature to the Kodi. That means it helps in customizing the Kodi easily.
  • The Installer provides audio editing feature.
  • It provides the right kind of repositories.
How to Install Kodi Addon Installer

Benefits of Kodi Fusion Installer

  • You can install Addons quickly by using Fusion Installer.
  • It helps in setting up the Kodi addons by making use of the fusion repositories.
  • Kodi Fusion Installer comes with repositories for the major Kodi Addons. You don’t require repo files for installing XBMC addons.
  • Fusion Installer Kodi offers the facility to alter the graphics of the Kodi.
  • It supports different file formats and images.
  • It helps you in maintaining the Kodi XBMC addons in an organized manner and it will keep the Kodi addons updated automatically.
  • The Installer is used for encryption and decryption of the emails.
  • It makes the task of adding Movies addons and TV show addons more easy for you.

These are the main features and benefits presented in the Fusion Installer for Kodi. Now, you know how to install Fusion Kodi and how to use Fusion Installer on Kodi Jarvis and Kodi 17 Krypton. You can also refer our site to know how to install Kodi on Smart TV and how to install Kodi on Roku.

We hope this article on Fusion installer helped you to install Fusion Kodi. If you have any queries give your comment. We will give you the response on your comments quickly.

Updated: March 30, 2017 — 9:33 am

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