Chromecast Kodi – How to install Kodi on google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is one of the great streaming dongle made by Google Search engine. The basic usage of Chromecast is to stream content from your Android Mobile device to your TV directly. Google Chromecast can be helpful while streaming from Youtube to your TV. It downloads content from Youtube directly and provides many services. So, you can use your Android Phone, Tablets, Laptop to stream content on Google Kodi Chromecast. But Stream Kodi to Chromecast is little bit tricky.

How to Stream Kodi Chromecast?

Kodi is an excellent Media Center software made of HTPC setup. You can use Kodi on a broad range of devices like Tablet, Android powered phone and even Smart TV, iPad, PC and other devices. You can stream content from various services like Netflix, Youtube and other services including torrent websites by using Kodi. So, you can stream latest movies and songs for free in full HD quality.

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If you are planning to use XBMC Chromecast addon then you are at right place. Our guide will help you for installing Kodi Chromecast quickly. Follow the given steps correctly to install chromecast. If you have a Smart TV, then you can also check how to use Kodi on smart television.

Can You Download Kodi For Android Chromecast (Kodi Chromecast Support)?

There is no way to install Kodi on Chromecast, so we have to use two devices to stream kodi content and Chromecast. One device will work as Kodi client which is running on Android, or a Laptop/PC or a Mac. We will stream Kodi client to Chromecast with different methods.

Three Methods to Google Chromecast Kodi ( XBMC Chromecast Android )

There are three different methods to stream Kodi content. Follow one of those methods and enjoy Kodi Content. You can also check Top 7 Live TV Addons for Kodi.

This method is a longer way to stream Kodi on Chromecast, but it is the easiest and best way to do. If you want a permanent solution for your problem, then you have to try this method to Chromecast live TV. If you follow this method, you can make calls, turn off the screen of your device and do multitasking while content streaming on Chromecast Kodi. This the best and easy way when compared to other methods. I highly recommend this method for you to get Chromecast XBMC android. Here is a link to install Kodi on Roku guide.

Method 1: Kodi to Chromecast Using ES File Explorer (Chromecast installation)

There is no Kodi Chromecast addon, but this method will help you to stream kodi content.

  1. First, Download and install ES File Explorer on Kodi device.
  2. Download and install LocalCast for Google Chromecast / Digital Living Network Alliance app on your Android Kodi Client.
  3. After installation on Kodi client, Open ES File Explorer.
  4. Go to Menu at Upper Left Corner.
  5. Click on setting.
  6. Enable Hidden files.
  7. Next, Download PlayerFactoryCore.xml file.
  8. Navigate to Download folder on Android device.
  9. Copy PlayerfactoryCore.XML file.
  10. Go to Android >> Data >> org.xbmc.kodi >> files >> kodi >> userdata.
  11. Paste the file.
  12. Now, Kodi client is ready to connect with Google Chromecast.
  13. Open Kodi.
  14. Next, Navigate to your favorite video and play it.
  15. Now, Local cast will start automatically with details of Kodi video.
  16. Choose your Google Chromecast device on Local cast app. Now, enjoy Kodi Chromecast Streaming.

You can also use this simple method to Stream kodi content on Apple TV, Xbox and any streaming device which supports Digital Living Network Alliance. Yo u have to check this to know how to install Genesis Addon on Kodi.

Method 2: How To Stream Kodi Chromecast

This is the quick and fast way to stream content but it also has some significant drawbacks. The picture and video quality are not that good on your TV. The experience is also not smooth. But if you do this method infrequently then it is good for you.

  1. Install Official Chromecast app on your Android phone.
  2. Open Chromecast app.
  3. Search for your device.
  4. Follow the instructions to connect it.
  5. Once your device is Connected then open Kodi app on your Android device.
  6. Next, play anything on Kodi it will play on both the devices.

If you follow this method, you are unable to off your Android device screen. You cannot make calls without interrupting Kodi streaming. And the quality of the streaming video will not be good.

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Method 3: Use Computer for streaming Kodi on Chromecast (Kodi for Chromecast Windows)

We all know that we cannot install Kodi on Chromecast. So, we have to use a Kodi client. In above to methods, Android-powered device is the Kodi client. But in this method, we will use a Personal Computer or Mac for Kodi Client. Kodi can run on Laptop or Mac. This method is simple and useful, but the video may lag while streaming high-quality HD content and you will not able to Lock or Sleep on your Laptop/Mac. It consumes lots of battery of your laptop. So, it is not workable for long Kodi Chromecast streaming.

  1. Install and configure Kodi software on your laptop/PC.
  2. If you are using Google Chrome, then install Google cast extension.
  3. If you are not using Google Chrome then Install it. Chrome is one of the best browser and better than Internet Explorer.
  4. Start Google cast extension.
  5. Pair it with your Google Chromecast device.
  6. After Chromecast and Google Cast are paired, click on “Cast To” option available on the top of extension menu.
  7. Next, select “Cast Desktop” option.
  8. Now, your desktop screen is cast on TV connected with Google Chromecast along with the audio.
  9. Open Kodi and play anything.
  10. Now, you are able to stream content on your Chrome device quickly.

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Now, you can enjoy your Kodi Chromecast setup easily. We recommend you to follow the first method because the video playback will be flawless and you can do multi-task on your Android phone. Other methods will not allow you to do multi-tasking, and the video quality is not that great.

Additional Information About Kodi XBMC – Kodi Chromecast

Kodi is a MultiMedia Center Software available for different Operating systems and different hardware. This Kodi Software is an open source software and it is developed by a nonprofit organization. As Kodi is an Open Source Software many developers working to make Addons for Kodi. This is one of the main reason for having content from many languages across the world.

Kodi supports different Streaming services like Hulu, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Netflix and many other streaming services. It supports IPTV, so you can watch Live TV on your Kodi setup directly by using Kodi IPTV Addons.

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Kodi also supports user interface customization so you can change the look of your Kodi Dashboard. There are various skins available that user can use. Just, you need to download it and apply it. For dong this, you don’t need any technical skills.

There are many small features offered by Kodi which makes the experience great. The TV series, Movies, Music, and pictures are formatted perfectly, and it is easy to browse your media files. Kodi supports various Video and Audio formats. You can play all your Files on Kodi easily.

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If you face any issue in above process, then comment us bellow we will try to help you out. You can also check how to setup HTPC to use an old android device as Home Theater PC. We hope this article on Kodi Chromcast Addon helped you to know how to install Kodi on Chromcast. Enjoy Kodi Chromcast.

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