How to Use an Old Android Device like Nexus 7 as HTPC?

Do you want to use an Old Android Device as HTPC? It is not an easy thing to do. For configuring an Old Android Device like Nexus 7 as HTPC will take minimum one day. To save your valuable time, here we have provided the HTPC Setup Steps. Follow those steps and use an Old Android Device as Home Theater PC.

How to Setup an Old Android Device as HTPC?

Currently, Home Theater Personal Computer is a famous and new thing in the World of Technology. HTPC is useful for you to convert your OLD Television to a smart TV. With this HTPC, you can stream Movies from Torrent, stream the live television, play music, watch pictures and more.

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Actually, a Home Theater PC is a computer that connects to Home Theater for Media consumptions. There are number of devices to setup a Home Theater Personal Computer such as Windows PC or Laptop, Linux Computers, Raspberry PI, Macbook and Android device.

Why do use An Old Android Device to HTPC Setup?

Home Theater PC is a simple thing to work. If you don’t want to use your HTPC for Playing Games, then an Old Android device is perfect for you. First, you need two Android devices one will become as HTPC, and the other will allow you to control your HTPC. We suggest you use a Mobile as a secondary device. Controlling HTPC with a Mobile is easy.

Steps to Setup HTPC using Old Android Devices

Here, I am using Nexus 7 as the first device to power my HTPC setup and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 mobile as the second device to Control. Follow the given steps and use an Old Android Device as HTPC.

Step 1: Root and Wipe Your Android Device First

First, you have to root your Old Android device. Root access is helpful for you to run your Home Theater PC wirelessly. For that, take a backup of your important files. Go to Google or YouTube to find a simple way to root your device. Next, you have to wipe your Android device. Wiping Android device will delete all the files and apps installed on your device. This will make your Android device work faster. Check Top7 XBMC Live TV Addons from here.

Step 2: Disable All apps on your Device

Every Android device has tons of pre-installed Android apps that we can not Uninstall. Those apps makes the device running slow. If you want to use your Android device as Home Theater PC, then you don’t use apps on your device.

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So, you have to disable all the apps on your android device including the built-in apps such as Calculator, Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Books, Calendar, Google Play Games, Google Drive, Hangouts, etc.

Step 3: Disable some features to make Your Device fast

  • Location.
  • Daydream.
  • Animations.
  • Sync.
  • Auto Brightness or Adaptive Brightness.

Step 4: Install SambaDroid

SambaDroid is the best and simple Android app which can help you in Filesharing. Filesharing is essential for Home Theater PC. We can not use android apps like Share it for file sharing because we don’t want to touch the android device every time to send some files.

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With this SambaDroid, you can send and receive files from your Android device by using any other devices such as iPhone, Windows, Linux, Mac device. This is the very important step to use Old Android Device as HTPC, and it can help you to use your Home Theater PC wirelessly. Rooting your android device for this step is not a Bad idea.

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Step 5: Install Screen Standby

Screen Standby image

The Screen Standby will turn off your android device screen when you connect your Android device to your TV by using HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable. It is very useful when you are going to use your Home Theater PC for long hours. This Screen Standby will save your battery, and it can make your HTPC to run more extended hours.

Step 6: Install Kodi

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Kodi is the Famous and Best HTPC Software. It will allow you to stream Youtube, iTunes, Torrent and many other media. This Kodi software is very easy to setup. You can handle it with any other Android device easily so, you don’t need to touch your HTPC.

Step 7: Setup Kodi Remote on Android Phone

There are various Remote apps are available to control Kodi. An official remote for kodi is also available, but the Yatse remote is the best one when compared to all. It works perfectly with HTPC. So, Install the Yatse app on your Controller device and do HTPC setup properly. Make sure that both Android devices must and should be connected to the same WiFi network.

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Step 8: Install ES File Explorer on Your Controller Device

ES File Explorer is the best and excellent file manager many of the Android users use. It allows you to connect your Android gadget to your HTPC for File sharing. This ES File Explorer will help you to connect to Samba Server which created in the 4th step.

ES File Explorer image

  • First, Install the ES File Explorer app.
  • Next, click on the top left corner.
  • Now, you can see an option.
  • Click on that available option to see SambaDroid name folder.
  • Now, you are available to copy files from this folder, and you can copy files to this folder wirelessly.

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Step 9: Connect HTPC to Home Theater

This is the last and final most important step. After this step, we can see our Android screen on TV. For that, you have to use a Micro USB to HDMI cable. The regular Micro USB to HDMI is not useful so, you have to use a cable which allows us to connect to TV and charge our Android device simultaneously. With this HDMI cable, you can use your HTPC 24X7.

Hdmi Cable image

  • Connect one end of the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable to your HTPC machine (Micro USB).
  • Connect one to TV (HDMI).
  • And connect another USB end to the charger.

After this HTPC setup, you don’t need to think about the android device battery. Now, you can see your Android device Screen on your Television.

If you did everything properly, then your Android device is connected to Your TV. Now, you can use your Android gadget to control this HTPC. You can also send files to your Android device with your phone without touching your HTPC.

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We hope these HTPC Setup steps helped you to use Old Android Device as HTPC. If you have any Old Android device then, you must try this and use your old Android Device as HTPC easily. You can also refer our site to install Kodi on Smart TV.

Updated: March 13, 2017 — 12:09 pm

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