Download and Install Kodi for iPhone, iOS, iPad

iOS users who want Kodi on iOS devices can download Kodi iPhone app without jailbreak from here. The Kodi app for iPad, iPhone, and iOs devices works like a Media Player. So if you want to download Kodi for iPhone, have a glance at this article. Here we update the detailed information related to Kodi download for iPad and other iOS devices without jailbreak.

Download Kodi for iPhone without Jailbreak Using Xcode

Kodi App for iOS is also known as XBMC iOS app. When you have Kodi on iPhone, you can watch all the movies, sports, anime, news, etc on your device. The installation process for Kodi on Android and Kodi on Smart TV are quite simple. But it becomes a little bit difficult for Apple devices. If you support the device to jailbreak, then the process is easy, but no one wants to jailbreak. Hence, we have given the information to get Kodi on iPad without jailbreaking. So to know how to install Kodi TV for iPhone, just look on the below steps.

How to Install Kodi on iPhone – Kodi iPhone App Guide

Like Kodi for Android Smartphones, you can also download Kodi on iPad very easily. When you install Kodi iOS without jailbreak, you can watch all the videos in high definition quality. In this guide, we provide the complete steps for XBMC download for iPad, iPhone. Before getting into the Kodi download for iOS, check the requirements to install Kodi iOS.

iPhone Kodi App Requirements

  1. A Mac PC running on Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.
  2. Kodi.deb file.
  3. iOS app signer.
  4. A USB Type-C cable.
  5. Xcode 7.

kodi remote iphone 5s, 6s plus

Steps to Install Kodi on iPhone without Jailbreak

  1. To download Kodi on iPhone without jailbreak, connect the iPhone to your Mac through Type-C cable.
  2. Next, open Xcode and create a new iOS project.
  3. Navigate to iOS >> Application >> single view application.
  4. Select Next.
  5. In the new pop-up, enter the Product name and a unique identifier.
  6. Click on Next and select create.
  7. After creating the project, Xcode shows a warning of an issue.
  8. Then, select “Fix Issue”.
  9. For resolving the issue, you have to sign into your free Apple developer account.
  10. If you didn’t contain this account, create it.
  11. After, select “Team”.
  12. Select your Apple ID under the team menu.
  13. Now, Minimize the Xcode pop-up and open iOS app signer.
  14. Choose your free developer account in the field signing certificate.
  15. Browse the downloaded files to select Kodi.deb file.
  16. Navigate to Provisional profile field >> newly created Xcode project >> start >> save.
  17. Return to Xcode and then click on Windows.
  18. Select Kodi iPhone.
  19. Then, click on + sign to choose IPA generated file in the previous process.
  20. Select “Open”.
  21. The IPA file is added to your iPhone and you will see Kodi app on the iPhone’s Screen.
  22. Now, You can use the Kodi for iPhone easily as you do on other devices.

So, this is the process to download Kodi for iPhone 5s and XBMC Download for iPad. You can get the features of Kodi iPhone App in the below section.

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Features of Kodi for iPhone

Kodi Media Center is the best and free streaming media software that let us to stream media from our local storage. Besides, you can also watch movies and TV shows without any interruption if proper internet connection is available. Kodi has many features for iPhone, and you can see them in the below section.

List of Features for Kodi App for iPhone

  1. The XBMC Download for iPad helps to Stream media from the local and network storage.
  2. You can download and install various add-ons that exist in the XBMC iPhone which help us watch media content from several online sources.
  3. You can customize the Kodi iPhone app with different cool skins available.
  4. It helps to play all of the video formats and physical media like DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Ray discs.
  5. Kodi app iPhone allows us to listen to favorite music either from the saved files or online sources by installing add-ons.
  6. Another popular feature of Kodi for iPhone, it lets us view pictures with an immersive interface.

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Download Kodi on iPhone with Jailbreak

Kodi for iOS is a free and open source video streaming software that makes you watch content that lies on the movies, TV shows, sports, etc. You can stream media from both local or network storage with Kodi iPhone Download.

Most of Apple users know what is Jailbreak. It is nothing but the process of removing the software restrictions of Apple or iOS. So, all the apps that you need are not present in the iTunes store. Just now, you learn about how to get Kodi on iPhone without Jailbreak. So, the below section explains you about downloading and installation of Kodi Tv for iPad, iPhone with Jailbreak.

kodi for ipad not jailbroken

Install Kodi for iPhone with Jailbreak – Step by step process

  1. If you have a jailbreak iPhone, then your iPhone consist of Cydia app.
  2. If not, you can obtain it from
  3. Open this link to download Cydia app.
  4. After downloading it, open the app and click on Sources.
  5. Navigate to edit >> Add.
  6. Enter in the text field.
  7. A new pop will appear, there click on team Kodi.
  8. Navigate to All Packages >> Kodi iOS >> Install.
  9. Wait for Kodi iOS installed notification.
  10. Now you can use the Kodi app on your iPhone.

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Features of Kodi iOS App

Just now you learn how to download Kodi for iOS. Now have a look at the features of Kodi iOS app. Here, We list out all the advantages of this app in a brief. So, you can get a clear idea of what the app can do.

Kodi iOS Features

  1. Kodi can play hundreds of video formats that exist in it. Also, it can play all the audio formats.
  2. Kodi uses a 10-foot interface, hence it can also be used with TV sets and remote controls.
  3. Like Kodi iPhone app, you can stream videos, movies, sports and TV shows from your local or network storage.
  4. Kodi contains a large Addon Store, so you can download any add-on from the app itself to stream media from several internet sources.
  5. You can also update the appearance of the app by using various skins which you can download easily.

Like, Kodi on iOS download, you can also install Kodi on Windows and Kodi on Apple TV. We think that you got all the information about downloading and installing Kodi on iPad, iPhone, iOS devices. If you have any further doubts related to Kodi iPhone App, ask us in the comment section.

Updated: April 5, 2017 — 11:03 am

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