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With Mobdro App you can get free video streams for your Android device. It continuously looks for the best video streams online and brings them to your Android or iOS or Windows. You can access the videos on your device that available on the web. You can download any of two versions i.e., Freemium and Premium. Freemium is completely free to download and use. For premium version, you need to pay some money, but you will get the amazing features like Chromecast support, Capturing Streams, Ads free, etc. Check more features of Mobdro and see how to install it on different operating systems.

Mobdro App

Mobdro helps you find video streams in every language from around the world on every topic. It is the best entertainment application among all the related apps. It crawls the web and provides the best quality videos constantly. For the people who use the mobile more for video streaming, this is the best application. In present days there are many applications that are introduced for video streaming. This Mobdro provides so many great features that you may not find in other applications. So, with this app, you can easily stream any video online and can have more fun. As we discussed above there are two versions; Freemium and Premium. Check the features of both Freemium and Premium.

Application Name Mobdro
File Type .apk
Latest Version 2.0.38
File Size 22.4 MB
Requirements Android 4.1+/ iOS/ PC
 Latest Update on 19th August 2016

Mobdro APK Features

The features of freemium version are,

  • Discover: You can easily find videos on every topic through around the world in every language.
  • Share: It lets you share some recommended videos with your friends with just one click.
  • Bookmark: You can filter and organize your streams by topic or language with your player history.
  • Capture: If you want to see your favorite videos offline, you can download and watch them whenever and whatever you want.

The features of premium version are,

  • Remove all ads: You can get a cleaner watching experience as this app is completely ad free app. It gives only videos without a single ad.
  • Download streams: Mobdro Apk allows you to watch the videos offline anywhere and anytime by downloading them.
  • Chromecast Support: Mobdro Premium gives this Chromecast support which helps the one who has the small phone screen. It sends and shows your videos on the big screen.
  • Sleep Timer: You can set the timer in this Mobdro app. So, you can fall asleep while watching the video without any worrying about a dead battery.

Mobdro Image

How to download Mobdro for Android?

  1. To download Mobdro for Android, first, you need to enable Unknown Sources (Settings -> Security -> Enable Unknown Sources).
  2. Now, download Mobdro app from this page.
  3. You can download the freemium version and then upgrade to premium or you can directly download the premium version.
  4. After the completion of the download, open the app by tapping on the Download complete notification in the notification bar.
  5. Confirm the Mobdro app requirements such as Network access.
  6. Tap on Install and enjoy streaming videos from the web.

See how to use Mobdro for Android

How to install Mobdro for PC / Mobdro for Windows?

  1. There is no Mobdro PC version, but there is a way to download Mobdro for PC.
  2. To get the PC version in an easy way, you need an Android Emulator on your Personal Computer.
  3. So, I recommend you to install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC.
  4. After installation, open it and search for Mobdro.
  5. There shows a Play Store icon. Click on it.
  6. Search for Mobdro and click on Install.
  7. After installing Mobdro for Windows, open the app and enjoy the videos from the app on the big screen.
  8. Next time, to open the Mobdro for PC, open the Bluestacks and in All Apps, you can find the Mobdro. Click on it and enjoy streaming videos.
  9. The process to download Mobdro for Laptop is similar to PC.

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Steps to install Mobdro Kodi

  1. First, on your device open the Kodi >> Settings >> SYSTEM settings >> select File Manager.
  2. Click on Add-ons and enable Unknown sources. So that your device allows to install some third party application or unknown sources.
  3. Go back to the Home Screen (Main Menu) and click on ‘Settings’ >> File Manager.
  4. Click on ‘Add Source’.
  5. Select the media location as ‘None’ from the new window that pop-ups.
  6. Now, it will ask you to enter the paths.
  7. So, enter the path and give a name to the source as Mobdro Kodi and click ‘OK’.
  8. Return back to the Home Screen and select ‘Add-ons’.
  9. Move the cursor to the top of a screen and select Add-on / Add-ons browser.
  10. In the new window, tap on ‘Install from zip file’.
  11. Select Mobdro Kodi.
  12. Now, select and install AH Add-on repository on your Kodi.
  13. After completing the installation, there will be a notification appeared with a message ‘Add-on installed’.
  14. Tap on ‘Install from repository’ >> AH Add-on repository >> Video add-ons >> Mobdro.
  15. Click on Install button and select the version that you need to install Mobdro for Kodi.
  16. Once the installation of Mobdro Kodi completes, the notification will be displayed on the screen showing that ‘Add-on installed’.
  17. Go back to Home screen and select ‘Add-ons’ >> Mobdro.
  18. The installation of Mobdro Kodi completes.
  19. Now, you can streaming music, movies, news, sports, animals, channels, and more using Mobdro for Kodi.

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Is Mobdro Safe / Is Mobdro Legal?

Mobdro Android is not available on the Play Store. So, you may think whether the Mobdro is safe or not. It is popular for video streaming on any device like Android or Windows or iOS. So, many users are showing interest to download Mobdro app. But before downloading, you need to know how far is Mobdro safe. Also, some may ask ‘Is Mobdro legal’? There may be some illegal issues if we download and install the applications that are insecure.

To know the answer, check this post regarding is Mobdro safe to use

How to Update Mobdro?

  1. First, open the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. There, search for Mobdro in the search box.
  3. Now, it shows the Mobdro application that is already installed on your device.
  4. If not install the official one, then it will automatically give the upgraded version.
  5. If it is already installed and if there is any update available then click on the ‘Update’ button.
  6. Thus, you can upgrade Mobdro Android easily.

If you want to know the manual process to upgrade, check how to update Mobdro manually.

Upgrade Mobdro Freemium to Premium

  1. If you install Freemium version you can upgrade to premium. If you not yet installed, you can directly download the premium version.
  2. On installing the Mobdro freemium version, open the app.
  3. Go to the menu which is available on the right side of the app.
  4. There, buy Mobdro premium which is inbuilt.
  5. Finally, you have got the premium version. Now you can enjoy the additional features of this app with this Premium version.

Download Mobdro Image

How to install Mobdro on Firestick

  1. First, open the Firestick and Go to Settings.
  2. There in the System, go to Developer Options and enable/Turn ON ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’.
  3. Tap ‘OK’, if you get any warning message.
  4. Return back to the Main Menu and search for ES File Explorer in the search bar and click on Download.
  5. Now, enter the Path (the path where there is a Mobdro file) and Name.
  6. Click on ‘Add’.
  7. Go to ‘More’ settings at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  8. Select ‘Open in Browser’ and ‘Open with ES Downloader’.
  9. Now the Mobdro will get downloaded on the Firestick.
  10. Finally, you can enjoy your favorite videos by opening the Mobdro on Firestick.

This is the method using ES File Explorer, to know the other methods like Paradox, AdbLink, Downloader App, etc. check, Mobdro on Firestick.

Mobdro for iPhone

Mobdro is not officially released for iOS devices. It is only available for the Android devices. So, if you are an iOS user you may not get the Mobdro for iPhone till the app gets released officially in iOS version. If you think you can’t wait till that time, there are some apps like Mobdro for iOS like Cinema Box, Show Box, MegaBox, Hotstar iOS, etc. These are best Mobdro alternatives for video streaming, movies, music, sports, and more. You can download and install any of them on any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

Check how to install Apps like Mobdro

Mobdro for Chromecast

  1. First, to make the Chromecast connection, you need to connect your Android device and Smart TV on the same network.
  2. Download Chromecast app on Android device through Mobdro. For this, you need to download the Mobdro APK.
  3. Go to Settings on your device and go to Security Options and enable Unknown Sources to allow the installation of third party applications.
  4. Once you download the Mobdro Android, install it and open Mobdro for Chromecast.
  5. On the right side of the app, there will be Menu. In that, buy the Mobdro Premium version.
  6. In that version, there will a Chromecast icon on the top of the screen.
  7. Finally, click on it to enjoy the video streams on your Smart TV using Chromecast.

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How to install Mobdro for Mac

  1. To download Mobdro for Mac first, you need to download BlueStacks (Android emulator).
  2. Download the Bluestacks from the link given below.
  3. After downloading this Android emulator, install it on your Mac.
  4. Open the BlueStacks and in the search bar, search for Mobdro.
  5. Download Mobdro file.
  6. If you have already downloaded the Mobdro APK file on your Mac, right click on it and Open with Bluestacks emulator.
  7. Return back to the Home screen of the BlueStacks and click on All Apps.
  8. There, select the Mobdro app and enjoy the videos.

Check features, how to use Mobdro for Mac

Mobdro TV for Samsung / LG / Other Smart TVs

  1. To download the Mobdro, there should be an internet connection to the Smart TV.
  2. Before downloading the application, enable the Unknown Sources as some smart TV’s may not allow you to install the third party installation.
  3. For this, Go to Settings and Turn ON ‘Unknown Source’.
  4. Now search for Mobdro app and download it either on Samsung or LG or Sony or some other smart TV.
  5. Once the download completes, install it on your device and enjoy streaming funny videos or latest videos, movies or music, sports, news, etc. that you want on the web.

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Mobdro for Kindle

  1. To get Mobdro for Kindle, first, make the Kindle allow the download and install the third party apps from ‘Unknown Sources’.
  2. For this, go to Apps ->> Settings ->> Applications ->> Apps from Unknown Sources ->> More ->> Device ->> Turn ON the ‘Allow Installation of Applications’.
  3. Now, open the browser and download ‘Mobdro APK’.
  4. After downloading, open the file and install it on Kindle device.
  5. Thus, the Mobdro for Kindle is installed. Open the App and enjoy your favorite video streaming.

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Mobdro Download

In Google Play Store or App Store or Windows Store, the Mobdro download is not available. So, don’t waste your time on searching the Mobdro on the stores. You need to install only from the official site or from the trusted sites only. We provide the safe and original version of Mobdro download. If you download Modro from other sites your device may be affected by viruses or some other malware. So, to avoid such things, download Mobdro from the below link.

Download Mobdro ImageIn this page, I have explained the process to download and install Mobdro app for different devices. If you want more methods or if you have any doubts regarding installation, click on below link.

How to install Mobdro for Android

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